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Yahoo is a web service provider. It is headquartered in California. It was founded in 1994 and has been running successfully since then. In the early 2000s, Yahoo was the most popular website in the entire world. Some of the web-based services offered by Yahoo are Yahoo Directory, Yahoo News, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Answers. And also, advertising, video sharing, online mapping, and fantasy sports. With the growing technology there are so many new innovations and inventions that have happened recently. If you’re wondering that how to open a PDF with Yahoo Mail, then this guide will help you with that:

Step 1

Tap on the email with the attachment that you wish to save.

Step 2

Then tap on the attachment which is at the bottom of the email.

Step 3

Then tap on Download. This will open the PDF with the Yahoo mail.

How do you troubleshoot if there’s any kind of error?

The first thing that you should do is try restarting your computer or device. A simple reset can help solve any issue. Sign out of Yahoo and turn off your computer. Then hold for a few minutes and turn the computer back on. Then log back in to Yahoo Mail and try opening the PDF again.

Then make sure that you have a PDF viewer installed. Select All Programs and select for PDF viewer. Some of the most common PDF readers are Adobe programs, including Adobe Reader.

You may also need to update the reader. You can see which version you’re using, then update to the latest version. Then try opening the PDF again. These steps will also help you answer How to unlock my Yahoo Account. Feel free to contact the customer support team and ask for their assistance. 


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